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New Expo Hall, New Journey! Donnor Organizes Staffs Visit Wenzhou Int’l Expo Center In Construction

On the afternoon of February 17th , Pan Wei, President of Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Industries Association and Chairman of Donnor Exhibition, Zhu Siqiao, Executive Vice President of the Association and General Manager of Wenzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, Association Secretariat, middle-level and key personnel of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center and Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd., more than 20 people visited the Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center under construction.


General Manager Zhu Siqiao introduced the design concept, functional orientation, current construction and future planning of Wenzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center in detail. He said that the new exhibition center is a large-scale exhibition complex integrating a conference center, an exhibition center, a hotel and supporting facilities, which will provide high-quality and high-standard exhibition and exchange services such as international interactive business exhibitions and economic and trade negotiations more efficiently after completion.


Chairman Pan Wei said that the new exhibition hall is the common expectation of Wenzhou exhibition people. After the completion of the new exhibition hall, the Wenzhou exhibition industry will usher in a new era of leap-forward development. At that time, the major brands of Donnor Exhibition will break through the area limitation of existing venue and reach a new level in terms of scale and quality. In the future, more enterprises and projects will choose to hold exhibitions in Wenzhou. The future of Wenzhou Convention and exhibition industry will be very beautiful! At the same time, Mr.Pan encouraged the team to do a good job in project cultivation and planning from now on, continue to learn and improve the level of exhibition organizing, and strive to hold influential exhibitions in the world and in the industry to work together for the future of Wenzhou exhibition industry!


Afterwards, everyone checked the construction of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on the spot. At present, the construction of the new exhibition hall is in full swing. The main venue of the exhibition center is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2023.


Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (rendering)

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