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WZCEIA and WZICEC Visited Donnor Acgn and Doonor Cloud Expo

On the morning of March 4, Pan Wei, President of Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Industries Association (WZCEIA) and Chairman of Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd., Zhu Siqiao, Executive Vice President of the association and Chairman of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (WZICEC), Li Yan, Secretary-General of the association, and Guan fan, head of the marketing department of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, visited Wenzhou Donnor Acgn Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Donnor Cloud Expo Co., Ltd.


At the symposium, Qiu Jing, General Manager of Wenzhou Donnor Acgn Co., Ltd., reported the operation of the national circuit exhibition - BE unrivalled Acg Expo, which was prepared and held recently. Su Miaoshou, General Manager of Wenzhou Donnor Cloud Expo Co., Ltd., reported the construction of the digital exhibition and eye health exhibition of the company. Shi Xianwei, General Manager of Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd., put forward the main problems of each exhibition this year and applied for settlement from Chairman Zhu Siqiao.


Zhu Siqiao, executive vice president of WZCEIA, said that the animation industry has a young marketing model, good community operation and ecological construction, which make the visitors have the characteristics of high activity and high stickiness. We should make good use of these characteristics in constructing the exhibition in the future, show our personality, further improve the localization content of Wenzhou and fully dig out the characteristics of the exhibition, to make the Wenzhou exhibition more eye-catching. In addition, in terms of exhibition schedule, we will make overall arrangements under the principle of paying attention to professional exhibitions and being fair and reasonable.


President Pan Wei said that in recent years, as an important part of the digital economy, the digital culture industry has become a new driving force to promote industrial transformation and high-quality economic development, which also puts forward requirements and brings opportunities for the development and innovation of animation industry. At present, the Wenzhou animation industry has strong strength in the province. The cultivation of animation culture and the construction of the exhibition is a mutually beneficial and win-win relationship. We should strengthen and improve our operation ability, promote the personalized development of the exhibition and enhance its influence by providing stable and high-quality content for the exhibition platform, and finally realize the virtuous circle of common growth of the exhibition and the industry. Wenzhou animation market has a very broad prospect and has a lot to do.


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