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WOF Promotion Campaign - HK optical fair

WOFers,Meet us in Hong Kong International Optical Fair on 6-8 November, 2019

WhatsApp: 18868659650

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The 18th Wenzhou Int’l Optics Fair (WOF for short) will be held on Friday, 8-10 May 2020, in China Wenzhou Int’l Convention & Exhibition Center, showcasing a collection of cutting-edge optical products and information.

WOF continues to offer amazing service for foreign visitors. The organizer provides overseas visitors (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau) with 2-DAY FREE FIVE-STAR HOTEL during the fair after application at www.opticsfair.com. The Pre-registration visitors can enjoy FREE STARBUCKS COFFEE and get a FREE Directory on-site. We look forward to your company being a part of the 18th Wenzhou Int'l Optics Fair from 8-10 May 2020. Don't miss out to meet over 18,000 professionals and learn from experts in optical industry at WOF 2020!

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