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Visit The Embassies of Pakistan and Latvia in Beijing

On September 23, Su Lisheng, President of Wenzhou Council of CCPIT and Pan Wei, chairman of Donnor Exhibition Co Ltd, visited the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing and the Latvian Embassy in Beijing, and expressed a sincere invitation to participate in 2021 China (Wenzhou) international Pump and Valve Exhibition held in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in December this year.

At the Pakistani embassy in China, Mr. Moin HAQ, Ambassador of the Pakistani embassy in China, Mr. Badar U. Zaman, commercial counselor, and Mr. Muhammad Junaid, Second Secretary, received the Organizing Committee of Wenzhou International pump and valve exhibition, and the two sides held friendly talks. Ambassador Moin HAQ introduced the development and industrial situation of Pakistan, focusing on the improvement of the valve and leather industry in Pakistan. He hoped that Wenzhou and Pakistani enterprises would have more exchanges and promote each other. The Pakistani embassy in China would provide more services to Wenzhou enterprises and Sino Pakistani economic and trade enterprises.

Mr. Su introduced Wenzhou's location advantages, the 14th Five-Year Plan development strategy and Wenzhou's industrial development, as well as the preparation progress of 2021 China (Wenzhou) International Pump and Valve Exhibition, and invited Pakistan as the guest of honor to participate in various activities of the exhibition. Ambassador Moin hack said that he was honored to receive the invitation of the host country and looked forward to visiting Wenzhou in December.

At the exchange meeting, Mr. Pan expressed his gratitude for holding the "2021 China Pakistan Pump and Valve Industry Cross Border Investment Exchange Conference and the first China Wenzhou International Pump and Valve Exhibition Embassy Promotion Conference" at the Pakistani embassy in China on June 28 this year, and introduced the business section of Donnor Exhibition, The global business footprint of Donnor exhibition has involved professional leather and footwear exhibitions in Pakistan. It has successfully organized Wenzhou and Chinese enterprises to visit local industrial parks, professional exhibitions and markets in Pakistan for many times. Badar U. Zaman, commercial counselor, highly praised Donnor exhibition company for its professional organization and planning ability in conference and exhibition activities. Ambassador Moin hack fully affirmed that should learn from donnor in event organization. He hoped that excellent exhibition companies like Donnor would emerge in Pakistan and Donnor  to create more business and promote economic and trade exchanges.

At the Latvian Embassy in China, the delegation met with Mr. inger, commercial counselor of the Latvian Embassy in China. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on bilateral economic and trade cooperation between Latvia and Wenzhou. Mr. inger introduced the basic situation, industrial characteristics and investment environment of Latvia, focusing on timber, food, peat and mining. He hoped to strengthen friendly exchanges with Wenzhou and promote economic and trade cooperation. At the same time, he welcomed the Wenzhou Economic and trade delegation to Latvia for investigation and investment.

Mr. Su introduced the economic and social development and industrial advantages of Wenzhou in recent years, which has a good development prospect. This paper focuses on the preparation of 2021 China (Wenzhou) International Pump and Valve Exhibition, and expresses welcome to the Latvian Embassy in China to organize enterprises to visit Wenzhou and participate in 2021 China (Wenzhou) international pump and valve exhibition.

Mr. Pan introduced Wenzhou's advantageous industries such as electric, pump and valve, auto parts, shoemaking and glasses. He hoped that the guests of the Latvian Embassy in China would visit Wenzhou in December this year to participate in the 2021 China (Wenzhou) international pump and valve exhibition.

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